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LaGuardia Lady Red Hawks began their second basketball season in 2014-2015, in the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Division III. It is their first time rebuilding a team from one year to the next. They are also trying to recreate their success from the previous year. Headed by Coach Anthony Alfaro, the plan is for every player to do well in school and to build off of the success from last year’s playoff presence.

The expectations by coaches, players, and faculty members are higher for the Lady Red Hawks and LaGuardia. The goal is to have a season free of hiccups and for every student athlete to remain eligible to play. Winning games is the added bonus. Coach Alfaro, when asked what the Lady Red Hawks story line will be this year replied, “A young team trying to become a mature team. That’s why we put the emphasis on team.” The team has “Non Negotiable” items that are strictly enforced: -Effort, Attitude, Playing Hard, and how we treat others.

Coach Alfaro has three returning players and recruited eight new players. Coming off their inaugural season where they made the playoffs, the Lady Red Hawks are poised to meet and surpass last year’s record at 16-12 and 5-3 in their division. Coach Alfaro says: “This season will be unique, as was the last one. We only have three returning players, so the key is the evaluation of those we have recruited and our three returning players’ progress.” The Lady Red Hawks’ immediate future seems bright. Emily Arias, Jasmin Wint, and Christen Deer are expected to take more of a leadership role. Coming back for their second year, they know what to expect based on their experience of last year’s full basketball season. The Lady Red Hawks traveled as far as Maryland to play Baltimore County and to Boston to play the Boston Bristol.

It is clear from everyone that winning basketball games is not the only goal for the student athletes. Brian Goldstein and Chris Singh are overseeing basketball operations; they feel it is also important for the players to do well in school, which is why the players are called student athletes. Coach Alfaro is optimistic about the second season. It is exciting, yet challenging. Let’s see how high the Lady Red Hawks can fly.