The Bridge: LaGuardia’s official student-produced newspaper.
The paper was first created in 1974, when it was originally named, Fiorello’s Flute. In 1982, it was renamed as The Bridge. The student publication was distributed across campus till it ended its print publication in 2019. Professor Bijoyeta Das, director of the Journalism Program at LaGuardia, resurrected The Bridge in an online format working with the Communications and External Affairs Division, on the design and branding. Currently the Bridge is produced by students enrolled in ENGLISH 288: The English Major Internship class in the Spring semester. Students contribute to all aspects of production, while receiving class credit. Students brainstorm ideas, report, write and edit stories under the guidance of Professor Das, who serves as the Faculty Editorial Advisor.
The Bridge captures the college spirit, documents campus life, gives students a voice, thereby chronicles the legacy of LaGuardia Community College.