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As of June 7 2022, LaGuardia Community College’s Recreation Center has reopened its doors following an extended closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The college’s Fitness Center and the Pool, both had to shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, both facilities are up and running, but they still have some rules in place. 

Going into Laguardia’s GYM at 4 pm on a Monday, you’ll see a line in a small kiosk at the entrance. There is where they hand you keys to use a locker. Once you’ve changed into your sports clothes you will come up stairs and to your right you will see two doors. Through those doors you will see the fitness center. Fully equipped with ellipticals and stationary bicycles. You will also see many students taking advantage of the school’s equipment and trying to stay fit. 

The Fitness Center has received a makeover in the month of april. “Everything that was old (probably a month ago) was taken out and we updated everything” said James Campbell Assistant Coordinator of Recreation “to make it easier to navigate and more inviting.”

Though they had relaxed their mask policy the Gym still asks students to wipe down all machines after use, as a courtesy for the other users. However, the COVID-19 policies have not been updated because there haven’t been updates from Campus life.

MItchell Mills, a LaGuardia Student majoring in deaf studies said “This is an opportunity for students to relieve stress and exercise and be healthyI think it adds another feature to what LaGuardia offers its students.”

“The biggest challenge the gym has faced in the pandemic is the highschool students,” Despite LaGuardia’s vaccination enforcement the college is not able to ask the highschool students about their vaccination status. Because of this, they have the students enter through a separate entrance located on 47th avenue. 

As LaGuardia Community College’s Recreation Center opens its doors once again, it signifies a renewed focus on wellness and fitness for the college community.