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A new major emerges at LaGuardia Community College. Dr. Christine Marks, an English professor and Dr. Justin Brown, a psychology professor, have introduced the Health and Humanities major, aimed at captivating liberal arts students with a fresh perspective on the human aspect of medicine at Laguardia Community College

“This has been years in the making, predating even the pandemic,” said Marks, emphasizing the goal to have a closer look into the nuance surrounding the medical field.

The major will find its home within the liberal arts and English department, joining the ranks of other innovative programs like Liberal Arts: Gender Studies and Liberal Arts: Ethnic Studies, which were introduced in the spring of 2023.

Kiara Edwards journalism major said “this major will help open doors for people who want to work in medicine, it will open doors for people who want to go into lets say mental health.”

While still in the developmental stage, the major is presently undergoing a crucial focus group phase. Marks explained the process. a series of meetings with students they are constructing their possible curriculum and doing research before launching the major. During this phase, the two professors are engaging in discussions with students who possess an interest in either the medical field or humanities, seeking their input to shape the program’s trajectory.

Marks expanded on the major’s appeal, stating, “This major is ideal for individuals aspiring to pursue diverse careers related to medicine.” 

With Christine Marks and Justin Brown leading this initiative, the Health and Humanities major is looking to bridge the gap between medicine and the liberal arts. The aim of the program is to offer students an education for a wide range of healthcare professions.