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LaGuardia theater majors used their personal stories and combined it into a play production. 

Cheyenne Campbell said she was thrilled to perform on stage. “It was a wonderful experience combining all of our personal stories together.” she said.

The Theater program and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center presented the production called “I Remember When” at the Black box theater located in M-122 in May this year. 

Raven Furs is a theater student. She said that during the lockdown, students and herself were able to come up with “cool stories” even though classes were virtual.

She views play production as a way to tell her personal story, “Theater is the best way to express yourself.”

Za’Qerrah Wilson is majoring in Theater. The theater program gave her an opportunity to take actions around her “desire for expression.” She said the training made her realize that as long as she took small steps, she could polish her talent and shine. 

She was able to overcome her natural shyness. “I’ve never really felt comfortable expressing my feelings, but theater has been a great way to learn how,” she said. Her first performance on stage was nerve-racking, she said, “I enjoyed collaborating with all of the people that shared their personal stories.”